Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Tickets

How to I buy tickets?

Click here to purchase tickets. Or contact us if you have any questions before booking!

Do I need to book in advance?

We highly recommend that you book online in advance. We do take walk-in bookings if we happen to have time slots available.

Can I add players to my booking?

Yes. You can modify your booking by following the link in your confirmation email. Or buy tickets upon arrival for your game. Since all of our games are private, you don’t need to worry about other tickets in your session being sold before you arrive.

Can I book a private or large group event?

Yes! Every game at the Nemesis Club is private, meaning you’ll never have strangers in your game room. But you can also reserve the lounge space for private events. And we love hosting larger groups for team building or special occassions. Contact us to schedule your group event!

How do I pay?

You pay for your tickets when you purchase them, whether that’s online, by phone, or in person. If you bring additional players on the day of the game, they can pay when they arrive.

What is your cancellation/rescheduling policy?

We get it. Double agents get double booked sometimes. Don’t blow your cover. It’s easy to reschedule or update your booking at The Nemesis Club! You can manage your booking using the link in your confirmation email or give us a call for help rescheduling. You may need to call to reschedule if you’re attempting to make a change within a couple hours of your scheduled game.

You can cancel your game for a full refund up to 24 hours before your booked event. If there’s less than 24 hours before your game and your plans change, we’re happy to apply the full price of your tickets to a future booking.

What happens if I arrive late?

Don’t be late!!! We typically have back to back bookings, so it’s hard to accomodate late arrivals. We’ll do everything we can to make things work, but if you’re late we may need to reschedule or shorten your game.

Playing the Game

How many people can play at a time?

EVIL Robots, Mogollon Monster, and Henchmen’s Heist are each designed for 4-8 players. There is a 4 ticket minimum to book a game session. Contact us if you’d like to buy tickets for more than 8 players.

Will there be strangers in my game session?

All of our games are completely private. You and your invited friends (or enemies) will have the game to yourselves.

How long will the experience last?

That depends on how quickly your team beats the game! You are given up to 60 minutes to complete your mission. Since you should arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled game, count on at least 1 hour 10 minutes for your experience. If you plan to celebrate your victory with a shake from Soda Jerk Co. Milkshake Bar (and MANY of our players do), you’ll want about 30 minutes to order and enjoy your delicious dessert.

How early should we arrive?

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your game to give you time to park, find the secret entrance, sign waivers, use the restroom, and be ready for action! 

What skills do we need to beat the game?

We design our games to be enjoyed by players of all levels of escape game experience. Your sidekick or henchman will assist you if you get stuck. But you’ll have the best experience if you apply the Nemesis Club’s “Keys to Winning.”

Scheme like a villain. Snoop like a secret agent. Hustle like a thief. Solve like a detective. Collude like a mobster. Relay like a spymaster. Laugh like a madman.  Triumph like a hero. 

What if we get stuck and need help during the game?

Your team will be assigned a personal sidekick or henchman to assist you during the whole game. Like the tech guy in the van during a stakeout, they’ll observe the whole game remotely and provide assistance when needed.

Do I need to pay for younger children?

We don’t charge for chilren under 5. Please keep in mind that there are some intense moments during the game that could scare younger kids.

Is there an age limit?

Players younger than 14 must be accompanied by an adult. You know your children better than we do, but parents have told us that the games are most enjoyed by players aged 8 and up. 

Can I leave the room during the game?

Yes. You’re never actually locked into our game rooms.

Do you have somewhere to store my personal belongings?

Yes. You can store your personal belongings in our cloak and dagger room. We have coat storage and locked cases to hold small purses, cell phones, etc.

Club Details

Where are you located?

We are located at High Street in North Phoenix. Our entrance is a secret, but the friendly Jerks at Soda Jerk Co. Milkshake Bar can probably help you discover it.

What is an escape game?

Every escape game at the Nemesis Club is an exciting 60-minute adventure. As you step into the game, your team will escape to a different place and time (like a mad scientist’s lab, a creepy campsite, a superhero’s lair, or a long-lost mine). Once inside, you’ll be given a mission (shut down the robot, find bigfoot, etc.). Work together to discover clues, solve puzzles, crack codes, and unravel mysteries to beat the game before the hour is up!

Why is it called an escape game if the goal isn't always to escape?

Escape rooms got their name because the goal of most early escape rooms was to escape. Every escape game at the Nemesis Club comes with a unique mission. While the goal at the Nemesis Club typically isn’t to escape the room, we use “escape game” to describe our experience because customers know the term and our games give players a chance to escape to a different time and place for an hour.

Are your games wheelchair accessible?

Contact us to discuss which game will best suit your needs.